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DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services Germany

In 2005, DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services Germany dispatched a team of skilled technicians from Toulouse to Hamburg for the sole purposes of providing assistance with Airbus A380 production.  This carefully selected team arrived as required with all pre-qualifications and language skills etc.  Therefore, it was the success of this inaugural team which facilitated an ongoing and current relationship with Airbus production.

At the end of 2008, it made complete commercial sense to invest in the opening of a German subsidiary.  Therefore, DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services Germany was born to facilitate and build on the successes of this endeavour; in fact this action commenced our dedicated quality support service working with customers via the various European Airbus Group final assembly lines.

Having a Group heritage of sixty plus years, DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services Germany very quickly became a reliable and experienced organization with the ‘quality’ and ‘can do approach’ to its varied commercial activities in both German and European markets.  Furthermore, our German subsidiary also provides a wide range of European aeronautical subcontracting services covering a  ‘one stop shop’  approach.

Additionally, DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services Germany has been able to create new opportunities for its clientele.  Our transnational organization and flexibility has helped us maintain close proximity with our customers and strengthened our international partnerships.

We are able to meet the many needs of the Airbus Group along with other customers, assisting in constructive and reassuring support with all their projects. This is a genuine advantage for our customers, who are thus better able to focus on the core business with confidence that their projects are in safe hands.

Our local organizational structure enables us to provide technical people in exactly the right place, at the right time with careful attention to cultural fit and geographical consideration.




DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services Germany

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Patricia ROUF

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