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HR Values

The Human Resources department of DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services, ensures compliance with the values ​​of
our group, instilled by founder and our president.

Human capital is at the heart of our strategy and carries our values:


Inherent value of our overall policy, it means trust, recognition, and equal opportunities.



Coming from a group strongly impregnated by the family culture, our teams give priority to listening and sharing in order to give everyone the choice to express their wishes and ideas.



Each employee of DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services is actor both in its development and that of our group. They are responsible through their expertise and professionalism.



In our quality of experienced services provider, our agility is our strength. 

Our priority is to develop our teams, working on their  versatility and multiskill.


In line with all the subsidiaries of the DERICHEBOURG group, DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services is a
company deeply committed to CSR initiatives, integrating social, environmental and ethical concerns into its
overall strategy. We multiply actions with the aim of promoting diversity, gender diversity, the employment of
people with disabilities, the link with young people in the process of professionalization or reintegration.
We are committed to our employees by offering them an active policy in terms of career management,
mobility and training while guaranteeing a good quality of life at work.
Shaped by years of experience, research and innovation, our business know-how is recognized and actively
promoted through an ambitious policy of recruitment, training and sharing of best practices.

As the transport sector is constantly changing, DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services makes it a point of honor to train its teams regularly in order to adapt to the requirements and rules of the industry's professions (development of technical, managerial and linguistic skills, safety , customer procedure, etc.).

By the very nature of its activities, the Derichebourg Group is fully involved in environmental issues. It is driven by the desire to contribute to the implementation of sustainable development methods.


These HR values ​​are shared by all our employees and allow DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services to ensure a responsible corporate social engagement.